Director of Semel Center, Legal Consultant

Michal Wosner, Esq., PhD., was a founder of MARVA in 2015 out of concern for the need to integrate law and welfare in assisting at-risk populations. Her role at MARVA is to set policy, provide legal assistance, and engage in education and training.  An attorney since 1992, she specializes in elder law and disabilities law, and has expertise in judicial issues related to the well-being, guardianship, and legal capacity of older adults and people with mental health challenges. Dr. Wosner worked for 26 years as an independent attorney.

Dr. Wosner received her doctorate from Ben Gurion University in 2010 in the field of law and literature. She lectures frequently on the rights of the elderly and of people with disabilities.

She has published several instructional books for the general public regarding wills and other legal issues in order to make the legal process more accessible and to assist the public in realizing their rights. She has also written hundreds of articles for publication in the Israeli media on related topics and has published four works of fiction.