MARVA will be playing a central role in the nationwide implementation of the Supported Decision-Making program as an alternative to guardianship.

The Joint Distribution Committee (JDC) chose MARVA through a public tender, together with Mosaica – Religion, Society and State, the nonprofit center of conflict resolution by agreement, to run the program. MARVA’s leadership played a key role in the recent legislation of Supported Decision-Making as an alternative to full guardianship, enabling people with disabilities and older adults in need of limited support to maintain their freedom and independence by utilizing the assistance of volunteers trained by MARVA, working with the Ministry of Justice.

Through this program, people who might otherwise be candidates for full guardianship can now receive targeted support from volunteers in areas of daily life where they need help, continuing to live independent lives. After developing the program over the past two years, MARVA will now be expanding the program nationally as part of the JDC-funded pilot in cooperation with Mosaica, under the auspices of the Ministry of Welfare and the Ministry of Justice. The pilot is slated to launch immediately and roll out over the next two years, with the possibility of a program extension. MARVA welcomes this exciting opportunity to take the lead in promoting Supported Decision-Making more broadly across Israel and help protect the independence of many Israelis who might otherwise be required to live under full guardianship.